Hackney teen saves baby’s life using first aid training

A teenager from Hackney has been praised for coming to the aid of a frantic mother whose 14-month old baby had stopped breathing.
Naa Kai Laryea, 16, was passing by the home of Gianna Gudsell, who was washing baby Hector in the bath, when the incident occurred. The baby slipped over and hit his head, which knocked him unconscious. Not knowing how to revive him, a panicking Ms Gudsell rushed out onto the street looking for help, where she encountered student Naa Kai.
The 16-year-old took charge of the situation immediately, taking the baby from Ms Gudsell and giving him cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This failed to work, so she rubbed Hector’s back until he started breathing and then the ambulance crew arrived. The 14-month-old boy was briefly in a coma whilst in hospital, before he recovered.
Naa Kai, who had undergone first aid training just weeks earlier, described her experience:

“Because I knew what to do, I wasn’t scared. As soon as I heard the baby was not breathing I just took charge.
“He was freezing cold, then his heart started beating really fast. I was calm – but calmer when I heard his heartbeat.”