Harrow bagel firm fined for worker finger injury

The owners of a bagel factory in Harrow have been fined at the City of London’s Magistrates Court earlier this week for health and safety breaches after an accident led to one employee losing the tips of his fingers.

Ixxy’s Bagels factory worker Raakesh Patel was trying to clear a dough blockage in a machine in November 2007 when the incident occurred. A moving blade sliced off the tops of the middle and ring fingers of Patel’s right hand, resulting in him being taken to the hospital for emergency surgery to reattach one of the digits. The other could not be saved.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigated the incident and found that a switch designed to stop all moving blades had not been maintained properly by the company. The problem was recorded so managers were aware of it, but no action was taken.

As a result, the owners of Ixxy’s Bagels were prosecuted at a court in London for health and safety breaches. The company was fined a total of £2,250 and ordered to pay £9,719 in court costs.

If supervisors and staff had undergone the appropriate health and safety training for using machinery, the machine would have been repaired and the accident could have been averted.