Health and safety at work: the basics (pt.1)

Health and safety in the workplace is every employer’s responsibility, but it is surprising how many bosses these days don’t really know where to start.

Lax standards in health and safety can cause accidents, which can then lead to lawsuits and compensation claims, so it is in your interest as a business owner to protect your company and your staff.

The following is a brief checklist of the stages you must follow in order to adhere to the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974:

  1. Who is responsible for health and safety? You must appoint a competent, meticulous and reliable person to take responsibility for health and safety within the business.
  2.  Carry out a risk assessment and come up with strategies for managing and reducing risks.
  3.  Draw up your company’s health and safety policy. It may be helpful to get advice from a professional health and safety consultant to help you do this.
  4.  Ask your employees about health and safety issues relating to the tasks they undertake every day
  5.  Arrange proper health and safety training for all employees and supervisors

See pt.2 of this guide for more help on making your workplace a healthy and safe place to work.