Health and safety essential for food and drink manufacturers

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has warned food and drink manufacturers that they must take health and safety seriously, after around ten per cent of all fatal workplace accidents in 2011/12 took place in the food manufacturing sector.

The HSE has releases statistics showing that in 2011/12:

• There were 31 fatal injuries within the food and drink manufacturing industry
• The number of fatalities within this 12 month period was slightly higher than the five year average of 30
• There were 17,495 non-fatal accidents reported
• There were an estimated 27,000 self-reported injuries
• The food and drink manufacturing industry was responsible for around 25 per cent of all occupational deaths in the UK.

These alarming figures not only show what a dangerous and hazardous area the food manufacturing industry can be to work in, but they should also prompt the owners of food and drink manufacturing businesses to improve their health and safety practices, which includes stepping up health and safety training immediately.

As well as risking the lives of their employees, companies also risk prosecution and fines from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) if they don’t take their responsibilities in relation to health and safety seriously.