Health and safety training could save your business from huge fines

There are many different reasons why businesses should make health and safety training a priority. As well as preventing accidents, adhering to rules and regulations and improving workplace safety records, health and safety training can help your company avoid sizeable fines from the authorities.

Virtually every day, a new case is reported where an employee or a member of the public has been injured at work and the company is fined for not putting the right health and safety measures in place.

These fines can go up to hundreds of thousands of pounds, not including the amount in compensation that companies have to pay to their injured employees. Does your business have that kind of money to spare?

There are several different health and safety training courses that you may want to consider undertaking yourself or sending your managers, supervisors and employees on. For example:

  • General workplace health and safety training
  • Training for working at height
  • Manual handling training
  • Conflict resolution training
  • Risk assessment courses
  • Managing safely training
  • COSHH training courses (control of substances hazardous to health)
  • Training for using specific equipment

If one or more of these training areas applies to your business and its employees, it is very important that you arrange appropriate training right away. An accident and a huge fine could be just around the corner.