Health and social care review to be carried out in Wales

A review into health and social care services is to be carried out in Wales, with unannounced visits to take place at around 100 care homes this year.
The review is being spearheaded by Sarah Rochira, the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, who wants to use the upcoming visits to hear directly from care home residents and their families about the quality and standards of care they receive from care providers.

Discussing her aims for the review, Ms Rochira said:

“The voices of older people, as well as those who care for and care about them, are at the heart of my work as commissioner, which is why I want to hear about their experiences of residential care,”
“By giving a voice to older people and their families, my review and recommendations will ensure that those who are accountable for and run our services understand the day-to-day realities of living in residential care in Wales and the action required to deliver the change needed to ensure that that older people living in residential care have the best quality of life,”

The evidence gathered from the review will be put to a very good purpose, as it will be used to develop recommendations for public bodies and care providers. It may be used to develop new care training schemes, change policies and practices and perhaps even underpin new regulations.