Heroic Malvern man receives first aid award

A man from Malvern who used his first aid training to help save a teenager involved in a pub brawl has been honoured with a Lord Lieutenants award.

Sam Taylor, who has recently appeared in the BBC documentary called “Scenes from a Teenage Killing”, rushed to help a 17-year-old who was stabbed in the chest outside a Bristol pub in September 2009. Sam, 23, used his first aid training to tend to the teen, but nearly found himself pushed aside by a crowd of people. He describes what happened, saying:

“I tried to start CPR to get his heart going but people started screaming and shouting and pushed me away. I tried to go back twice more but realised I was in danger of being injured myself so I went over to the other casualty who was bleeding heavily and drifting in and out of consciousness. I washed and dressed his wounds and stayed with him until the ambulance arrived.”


In honour of his commendable actions, Sam was given a Lord Lieutenant’s award for distinguished first aid services. He now supports a local campaign to get more people to take at least basic first aid training courses.