Hotel receptionist uses first aid training to save elderly woman’s life

A hotel receptionist from Llandudno was able to save an elderly woman’s life using her first aid training after the guest collapsed and stopped breathing.

Julie Smith, 47, was working at the Tynedale Hotel on a night shift when an elderly guest, 87-year-old Freda Madden, collapsed on the dance floor during the last dance of the night.

As she had attended first aid training sessions previously, the receptionist was able to rush to the woman’s aid and keep her alive until ambulance crews arrived. She began to administer CPR and kept going for around five minutes until Ms Madden was safely in the ambulance, where she regained consciousness and later recovered in hospital.

Julie described the incident, saying:

“It was quite daunting at the time, but I knew I had the knowledge and confidence to help her.”
“It’s a fantastic feeling to know I have saved someone’s life. She [Ms Madden] was able to celebrate her 87th birthday a few weeks later as well, which is lovely.”

As a result of her life-saving actions and impressive first aid knowledge, Julie was offered a prestigious commendation from the local ambulance service.