How Christmas highlights need for greater food safety

Hopefully, most of us will have survived Christmas without suffering from food poisoning, and yet this is a time of year when the FSA receives more reports of food poisoning than at any other time of the year.
The reason is most probably the massive consumption of poultry, with many people tucking in to their turkey, duck or goose. The FSA state that as many as one fifth of all reported cases of food poisoning are caused by poultry, and so our food preparation practices at Christmas can provide great insight as to where we are going wrong and putting ourselves at risk from illness.
One example of a practise that actually increases our chances of falling ill is that of washing the turkey before cooking it. Running cold water over the bird before putting it in the oven is actually more likely to spread bacteria onto other kitchen surfaces.
Splashes can contain bacteria that can remain on surfaces for days, particularly if they are not effectively cleaned. The only way to remove bacteria from poultry is to ensure it is cooked all the way through.
Any business serving or selling food has to be aware of the risks involved in food preparation, and this requires effective and comprehensive food safety training.