How first aid training saved a toddler’s life

A toddler from Middlesbrough had a stroke of luck that saved her life after having a seizure at her home. Her grandmother had carried the unconscious girl into the street outside the house in a desperate attempt to get help.

Luckily, she was seen by a bin man who was on his rounds. Even luckier, the thirty-four-year-old man had recently completed a first aid training course. He reacted quickly and decisively, administering the kiss of life before placing the girl in the recovery position. His quick thinking undoubtedly saved the girl’s life and he was rewarded recently with an award from The Royal Humane Society, in recognition for what he did.

This story illustrates perfectly the importance of first aid training. The bin man credits his course with providing him with the knowledge he needed to act, saying:

‘If I hadn’t have done that course then I wouldn’t have saved the child’s life, because I wouldn’t have known what to do’


Prompt action in the event of illness or an accident can make the difference between life and death, making it absolutely essential for employees to understand how to react and how to administer emergency care while waiting for medical treatment.