How much could slips, trips and falls cost your company?

Health and safety is, or should be, a top priority for all businesses no matter how small or large they are. There are three reasons why it is so important to have the right health and safety measures in place:
1. To protect employees from accidents and injuries
2. To help the company meet its legal responsibilities and adhere to government regulations
3. To prevent expensive lawsuits
If you don’t take health and safety seriously within your business, it could lead to a chain of events which could prove very costly for your company.
Even something as simple and avoidable as a trip or fall could end up costing your company thousands of pounds in fines from the authorities or in compensation costs if the injured person decides to sue. Could your company afford these kinds of costs?
Preventing slips and falls through health and safety training
Slips, trips and falls can happen anywhere, at any time. You can’t prevent every single accident of this kind, but you can take all reasonable measures to try to prevent them.
The first thing to do is to implement company-wide health and safety at work training, which can help your employees identify obstacles, hazards and risks so that they can avoid or remove them. This could lead to fewer trips and falls taking place in your workplace.