How much do you know about schizophrenia?

As someone working within the health and social care sector, it is very important to gain at least a basic understanding of some of the conditions and illnesses you are likely to encounter. One such condition is schizophrenia, a mental disorder that is often misunderstood or wrongly classified as something else.

To improve your working knowledge on the subject of schizophrenia, it is recommended that you take a short schizophrenia awareness training course. Specially designed for people who either work within the health care sector or those who aspire to start a career in health and social care, this kind of care training course will outline and explain the main issues you need to know.

On a schizophrenia awareness training course, you can expect to learn about:

– What schizophrenia actually is, and what it’s not to be confused with
– The causes of schizophrenia
– The signs and symptoms of schizophrenia to look out for
– Treatments that are currently available for people with schizophrenia
– The different types of schizophrenia you may encounter
– The risks associated with the condition

This course should generally only take around two hours to complete, but it will significantly boost your knowledge of a complex condition that affects many lives throughout the UK.