How often should you refresh your first aid training? – The Training Hub

First aid training can be extremely useful in a huge number of different situations and especially in workplace environments. If you are a teacher, health and social care worker or you look after children for a living, first aid training is even more vital.
It is up to you to act in an emergency when you have vulnerable people in your care, which is why first aid skills are so important.

It isn’t enough to undergo a first aid training course, however. You need to keep your skills and knowledge sharp, as well as stay up to date on the latest changes in first aid regulations and practices. This is why refresher courses are available, and it is your responsibility to book your place on one of them when it’s time.

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A first aid refresher course should be undertaken at least once every year, after your initial training. During this course, which is much shorter than the initial programme you will have completed, you will cover all first aid essentials. The difference is that each topic will be covered in brief, to simply refresh your skills and give you the chance to ask your instructor any questions.

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