How risk assessments can prevent injury

A health and safety breach at a children’s nursery has resulted in a fourteen month old boy losing the end of his finger.
The boy, who had been playing next to nursery’s kitchen door, got his finger trapped, severing the end of the finger. The judge at Norwich Crown Court decided that the accident could have been prevented if the nursery had fitted finger guards to their doors. The failure to do so had caused the accident.
He also ruled that the nursery’s management of the incident was lacking and meant that doctors were unable to sew the end of the finger back on. The boy has been left with no sensation in the end of his finger.
A previous case against the same chain of nursery had revealed failings in the company’s risk assessments, and they have apparently failed once more. The nursery has incurred a hefty fine of £40,000 and has been ordered to pay costs of £35,000.
Risk assessments are an integral part of health and safety training and are essential if the risks of injury in the workplace are to be reduced and controlled.