HSE busts health and safety myths

As anyone who owns a business or runs an organisation will know, health and safety is very important. Workers and members of the public need to be protected from harm using appropriate measures, all of which can be learnt on health and safety training courses.
However, it can often be the case that health and safety laws and measures can be misinterpreted and exaggerated, leading to some of the most ludicrous myths and misconceptions about health and safety.
In addition to its role enforcing health and safety law and maintaining standards, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) also works hard to clear up common misconceptions about health and safety and to urge people to use their common sense.
With this in mind, the HSE has come up with a list of the most common myths about health and safety, all of which are either completely untrue or ridiculously exaggerated. The list includes the following:
• College and university graduates are not allowed to throw their mortar boards in the air after graduating
• Office workers are not allowed to put up Christmas decorations
• Children can’t play conkers unless they are wearing safety goggles
• People aren’t allowed to put up hanging baskets in case people bump their heads on them
• The game ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ is a health and safety risk