HSE issues New Year message to safety-conscious employers

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has started 2011 with a New Year message for employers up and down the country, urging them to make health and safety a real priority in the year to come.

Despite the fact that the figures for work-related deaths are at a record low at present, the HSE has warned employers not to be complacent when it comes to health and safety training and implementing preventative measures.

The regional director for the HSE in the South West, Terry Rose, advised:

“Employers cannot be complacent; they must stay vigilant and learn the lessons from the past to ensure they protect their workers in the future,”
“Putting in place simple, straightforward health and safety measures can save lives. It is not good for companies or their workers if they are off through an injury or ill-health.”


The HSE has issued region-specific alerts about this issue to all main UK counties, highlighting how many employees were injured or even killed in accidents in each area last year. On a national scale, it has been revealed that 152 employees lost their lives in the workplace in 2009/10, and 121,430 employee injuries were reported to the HSE.