Huge fine for carvery pub

A popular pub in Leicestershire was left reeling after a visit from food safety inspectors last year, who qualified the condition of the kitchen as ‘filthy’ and ‘extremely poor’.

Inspectors found dirty pots and pans piled on the floor as well as evidence of insufficient cleaning: cooking utensils (ready to be used) were found sitting in dirty water with food (and even a fly) stuck to them, shelves in a fridge had blood and raw meat stuck to them, food prep surfaces had bits of food dried onto them… In a nutshell, this was not an environment you would like to see your food prepared in.

The pub’s owner was prosecuted successfully for three breaches of food hygiene regulations and was fined five thousand pounds for each breach. Additional prosecution costs came to almost £7,500, making this an expensive mistake to make.

A spokesman for the operating company sought to reassure customers after the judgement by explaining that the problems have long since been rectified, that the management team has been replaced and that all members of staff have received food safety training.

Inadequate cleaning and poor hygiene standards are never good business policies. Establishments’ reputations can suffer irreparable damage, as can the health of consumers.