Hygiene improvement called for at supermarket

A hygiene inspection at a supermarket in Burton, Staffordshire revealed a range of potentially dangerous health issues it has been revealed.

Based in the nearby village of Branston, the Morrisons store was examined at all levels by inspectors including the kitchens, bakery, salad bar and cake shop. One employee was seen leaving the raw production area having not washed their hands and food trays were stored on the floor beside bins.

Bags of rubbish were left piled up on top of sinks and members of staff were seen opening packages on the floor. Inspectors stated that employees did not know how many cleaning chemicals were being used and a box was found containing contaminated disposable gloves.

When inspectors asked to see documents regarding the food management systems in the store they could not be provided. Additionally, a handwash basin in the cake shop was blocked by a bag of rubbish and boxes and the store unsurprisingly scored worst in the hygiene aspect of the overall inspection.

Ten out of a possible 30 hazard points were awarded for the food and hygiene safety but the store was still given a ‘good’ overall rating.