Why do I need to go on a first aid refresher course?

First aid training can be immensely valuable for employees, as well as for businesses needing to comply with legislation on first aid provision. The skills you learn on a first aid training course can help you to save lives in almost any situation, so it is well worth signing up.

However, it is also important to keep your first aid skills sharp and your knowledge up to date. This is why all first aiders must go on refresher courses on a regular basis. It is recommended that you do this once a year. Once you reach the three year point, you should undergo the full three-day first aid training at work course.

On a refresher course, you will cover the same topics as in your initial training. This includes basic life support, managing incidents, examining casualties, controlling bleeding, dealing with unconsciousness and treating shock. You will go over all of these topics again, but much faster as all participants will have covered them before.

As well as refreshing your knowledge on basic first aid principles, these refresher courses are also an ideal opportunity to ask your instructor any questions you may have. You might want more detail on a particular topic, or you may have had a first-aid related experience since your last training course that you want to ask about. You should take full advantage of this opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills.