Do I need training to plan events and activities for care home residents?

Activities and events are crucial to the wellbeing and even the health of people who use care services. There is nothing better for maintaining an exceptional quality of life, and new skills and knowledge can even be learned through these stimulating activities.

However, if you are work in a care home, nursing home or hospital, and you would like to plan events and activities for the people under your care, it is very important that you undergo specific training first.

There are a few reasons for this:

  • The health and safety of all care service users must be ensured at all times.
  • Activities should be catered to the users’ specific needs and abilities. This is not only to ensure that all users can participate; they should also be interested in taking part
  • It is very important that both the user and their family members have a say in planning and participating in activities and events.

Care training programmes are available for aspiring activities coordinators, to help them understand the role they will be taking on and how best to perform it. This kind of training course doesn’t take long to complete, but it will teach you everything you need to know to plan activities that will enrich the lives of the people under your care.