Implementing good food safety procedures

The Level Three CIEH food safety training is designed for those who work in a supervisory role in the preparation or serving of food. Part of the course deals with implementing good food safety procedures.
This doesn’t need to be overly complicated or involve keeping extensive records, and each business can adapt the procedures to their own particular needs. The procedures must be based on the principles of hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP).
In order to establish these procedures, you need to carefully analyse what your business does and identify areas that could potentially cause problems. Critical control points refer to those areas that require specific attention or procedures in order to minimise risk, and they must be identified during this process, with the necessary procedures then being put into place.
Businesses then need to establish what type of action needs to be taken in each case, should anything go wrong. It is important to ensure that these procedures are working and that they are kept up to date, with revisions being made should processes change. Records of these procedures should be kept, along with written evidence to demonstrate that the procedures are adequate and work.