The importance of allergy awareness

Alongside compliance with food safety measures and procedures, people who work with food and sell it to the public have a duty to understand food allergies and the impact that these can have on the health and safety of their customers.

It is essential that employees should understand the potential severity of allergic reactions as well as the absolute necessity of providing clear and correct information about the ingredients that go into their food products.

Accurate labelling or information is the only way to allow customers to choose food that they can consume safely. By mid-February, several big brands such as Waitrose, Weetabix and Doves Farm have had to recall products because of incorrect labelling.

The CIEH Level Two Award in Healthier Food and Special Diets covers the importance of food labelling, as well as informing learners about the various allergies and intolerances that can be problematic. The requirements of current legislation are also covered by the course.

As more and more people seem to be affected by food allergies and intolerances, this type of food safety training will become more important to businesses that prepare and serve food. Knowledgeable and experienced staff will be thus equipped to protect customers’ health as well as the business’ reputation.