The importance of sector-specific food safety training

If you work with food in any capacity and in any industry, a basic level of food safety training is essential. In fact, in most job roles relating to the processing, preparation and serving of food to the public, a qualification such as the CIEH Level 1 Award in Food Safety is a vital part of the entry criteria.

Whilst this basic level of food hygiene training can act as a great starting point for a career in a food industry position, it does not cover the specific demands of different jobs. For example, a chef in a restaurant will need entirely different training than someone responsible for food preparation in a nursing home or other health and social care setting, where meeting nutritional needs is a priority.

This is why industry-specific food hygiene training is so important. With basic level 1 training under your belt, you should then focus on developing your knowledge and skills to meet the demands of the industry you’ll be working within.

For people working in the catering, manufacturing or retail sectors, will move on from basic training to take the CIEH Level 2 Award in Food Safety, a course tailored to the specific challenges of roles in these industries.