Infection control starts with proper training

Infection control is one of the major areas of focus for care homes and medical institutions. A great deal of attention has fallen on the issue of infection control in recent times because of the high profile cases of ward closures and temporary care home closures that have been enforced due to the spread of certain viral infections in a bid to contain them.

Perhaps the most important factor in the fight against infection is proper care training. If members of staff in care homes and other similar institutions that are a risk where infection is concerned are fully trained in the management of infection in a care environment then they are certain to have a better understanding of how infection spreads and what their role is in containing it.

It’s all about maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for patients, staff and those in care. Formal health and safety training in this area endows workforces with all sorts of special knowledge from the proper way to wash hands to the techniques that preserve the cleanliness of their working environment.

Armed with the proper training, staff can contribute a great deal to the fight against infection.