Infection Control Training Courses

Infection Control forms part of the Care Training offered by Tutorcare and is essential to the wellbeing of care clients and patients, as well as staff. Aimed at all staff working within the care environment, this course will help employees understand the importance of hygienic practices as well as how to maintain them.

One element of the course that may seem elementary but is of the utmost importance is hand washing. This is an act that many of us may take for granted, and yet a failure to do it correctly can have a huge impact on people’s health, particularly those using care services.

Hand washing has been identified as an effective measure in the prevention of the spread of pathogens, which is why it must be done in the correct way and in certain situations. Hand drying is equally important, although it may often be overlooked.

Some studies have shown that bacteria favour damp or wet skin, which means that the efficacy of hand washing is diminished in the absence of adequate hand drying. Paper towels seem to be the most hygienic way to dry hands, not only in terms of the reduction of bacteria on the hands, but also in terms of the cross-contamination of other surfaces.