Inspection prompts concern over standards at Basildon care home

A recent inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) of a nursing home in Basildon has raised serious concerns about care standards and the safety of elderly residents.

The Ghyllgrove nursing home in Ghyllgrove, which is run by the private healthcare company Bupa and has nearly 170 residents, was inspected by the CQC after complaints were made. A large number of problems were outlined in the resulting inspection report, such as the following:

  • Poor levels of record-keeping training amongst staff, as there were discrepancies in medication records and no records kept on caring for residents suffering from pressure ulcers
  • Some areas of the home are in a state of disrepair, including showers with rusty handrails and faulty light switches
  • Three weeks are taken to refer a malnourished elderly person to a dietician
  • Care records and assessments are not being updated in line with residents’ changing needs
  • Inaccurate care plans lacking sufficient detail

Due to these many issues, the CQC issued Bupa with a formal warning, ordering it to make urgent improvements. As it was clear from the inspection report that levels of care training urgently needed to be improved, Bupa Care Homes has decided to retrain all staff at the Ghyllgrove nursing home.