Inspection uncovers ‘serious risk’ at Ashcroft Care Home

Ashcroft Care Home in Essex has been thoroughly investigated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) after its inspectors uncovered a ‘serious risk’ to the safety and wellbeing of residents.
Following an initial CQC inspection, Essex County Council took the decision to remove all 25 residents from the privately-run home last year. The CQC has now made a report available which outlines the many serious problems at the home, including the following:
• Staff working illegally in the UK
• Dementia patients having access to dangerous tools including a hammer and a saw
• A deceased patient’s medication being used to prop a staff room door open
• Complaints about an ‘unpleasant smell’ at the home
• Water that was too hot coming from a tap in one room
Commenting on one of the issues, the dementia sufferers who had access to dangerous tools, inspectors said:

“Staff told us that there were seven people who were able to move around the service independently.
“We saw that these people had access to the laundry and stairs which meant they were at serious risk of an incident or accident occurring.”

Rather than urging the home’s owners to send its staff on care training courses or to improve practices and cleanliness levels, the CQC and Essex County Council decided that the home had too many issues and that it should be temporarily closed for the safety of residents.