International Stress Awareness Day (NSAD)

International stress awareness day aims to develop greater understanding of stress by offering organisations and individuals access to sources of support.
The date for International Stress Awareness day in 2018 is 7th November.
During this period national public bodies such as the NHS are keen to encourage the teaching and use of techniques to help those struggling with stress achieve a good  work life balance.
The NHS has a range of employee focused resources that highlight the impact of stress on the NHS along with further information available from the ISMA website.
Organisations are encouraged to use emotional wellbeing toolkits and inhouse talks as well prearranged training sessions to help feel affected workers less isolated.
Modern techniques such as e-learning and an open door policy to human resource departments have shown a decrease in staff absences due to stress in the work place.
Tutorcare offer courses to compliment International stress awareness day with a key focus on the differences between stress and pressure.
Stress awareness training can actively help work colleagues spot symptoms and signs in fellow workers and stress awareness e-learning is an effective tool to add to any organisations staff resource pool.
The course itself looks at stress relaxation methods as well as the different types of response to pressure in the workplace.  With a focus on the communication of feelings to others, as a way of realisation it talks about how individuals can approach family members or other workers.
Workers in the care sector are under immense pressure to ensure the safety and wellbeing of others in the work place. Emphasis is placed continuously on time restraints, limited resources and a duty of care to patients.
This often results in medical practitioners and social care workers spending little time addressing their own mental health needs.
International stress awareness day is designed to help shift the attention to self help strategies that allow individuals to recognise and reduce negative thoughts when in pressurised situation.
Patients rely on care workers for a better quality of life. As colleagues, friends and family members of those that dedicate their life to the wellbeing of others, international stress awareness day is a time for us to look after those that often forget about themselves.