Could investing in health and safety training actually save your business money?

In today’s tough economic climate, businesses are having to keep a close eye on their spending in order to balance their finances and stay afloat. This can mean that many business owners put some spending low on the list of priorities, such as health and safety training for example.

Sending all of your staff members, or even a small proportion of your workforce, on a health and safety at work training course does require some expenditure. You might not think that you can afford to be spending money on training that isn’t directly related to the business increasing its revenue, but this investment could actually save the business money in the long term.

This is because employees who have a better understanding of how to work safely, how to spot and avoid or remove hazards and who look out for each other’s safety are less likely to have an accident or fall ill during work hours. This is likely to lower your company’s annual accident figures, which will ultimately save the business money.

Health and safety training for as many employees as possible, including managers and supervisors, lowers the risk of the business being prosecuted and fined for breaching health and safety laws, or being sued for compensation by injured workers.