Is it time to review and revise your company’s fire safety plans?

On any basic fire awareness training course, you will learn of the importance of conducting a full and thorough fire risk assessment (or arranging for a fire safety consultant to do it for you). You will also be advised of the importance of making proper records of your risk assessment, including what problems were found and what improvements have been made.

However, you still have responsibilities once the risk assessment has been completed. It is a legal requirement to review and revise your fire safety plans on a regular basis.. Reviewing your risk assessment is particularly important if:

  • There was a fire-related incident on the premises, but the blaze was caught just in time
  • You add an extension to your work premises, sub-divide offices, or any other structural changes
  • More people begin to use your premises regularly
  • There are more flammable materials stored on the premises
  • A new night shift working pattern is introduced

You need to keep your records accurate and up-to-date, or you could be found to be neglecting your fire safety responsibilities as an employer. You can find out all you need to know and maybe even enhance your knowledge of fire safety issues by attaining a CIEH Level 3 Award in Fire Safety Risk Assessment and Control.

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  1. Fire safety awareness in my opinion, is what is the main issue with the community.
    A lot of people I speak to do not even know what a fire risk assessment is.

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