Isle of Man firm sends staff on fire safety course

The staff at a leading firm in the Isle of Man now consider themselves to be some of the best trained on the island after undergoing a fire safety course.
Capital International Group sent its staff on the course after moving to new premises. As part of the move to Circular Road, the company also called in fire safety consultants to conduct a thorough fire risk assessment.

Staff at Capital underwent a full-day fire safety awareness course, in which they learnt exactly what to do in a fire, as well as how to maintain fire safety equipment, fire alarms and other early warning systems. Also included on the course was information about fire escape routes and emergency exits, as well as the importance of conducting regular fire drills.

Five members of Capital’s staff were also selected to undergo fire warden training, where they were instructed in alerting the emergency services in the event of a fire as well as how to carry out routine safety checks during an evacuation.

These designated fire wardens will also be responsible for conducting monthly checks of the premises, keeping escape routes clear and ensuring that fire safety equipment is always in place and in good working order.