Islington builders use first aid training to help car crash boy

In a frightening incident in Islington earlier this week, a number of fast-acting construction workers from used their first aid training skills to help save the life of a young boy who had been hit by a car.

The incident occurred on Camden Road in Holloway, when an eight-year-old boy was crossing the road with family members at around 9am. It has been reported that he was hit by a black Audi at the junction between York Way and Brecknock Road.

Hearing the sound of the collision, a number of construction workers on a nearby site rushed over and used their first aid skills to help the boy. They used their overalls as bandages to help stop any bleeding and went to fetch the on-site first aid kit whilst waiting for the emergency services to arrive. The manager of the site, Trevor Mingail, said:

“We were up the scaffolding when we heard the crash. He flew up in the air. We rushed down and I rang the ambulance.
“We stayed with him until the ambulance came. It didn’t take very long but we did what we could.”

The boy was taken to St Marys Hospital in Paddington, where his condition was described as “non-life-threatening”.