Jarrow woman becomes dementia training champion

A care worker from Jarrow in Tyne and Wear has become one of the first people to undergo a specialised dementia training course, which aims to teach health and social care workers all they need to know to handle the specific demands and challenges of the syndrome.

Rebecca Robinson, a 41-year-old senior carer at Windsor Nursing Home in Hebburn, has now attained a Level 3 Diploma in Dementia, along with 69 other students. This is one of the first large programmes to focus solely on dementia, although shorter health and social care training courses focusing on dementia awareness are available.

Speaking of her experience and why she feels it was so important to undergo specialist dementia training, Ms Robinson said:

“I jumped at the chance to become a dementia champion, and it has already had a positive impact as I’ve been able to deliver the training I’m now qualified for to eight more staff.
“Understanding individuals, and why they behave like they do, leads to greater sensitivity, consistency and effectiveness in their care.”


Meanwhile, the strategic leadership of the mental health model of care for NHS South of Tyne and Wear, Dr Wendy Kaiser, spoke at a conference on dementia in Gateshead. She said:

“Dementia care has progressed significantly over the last few years with awareness that treatment for those suffering from the condition can be focused on the individual’s emotional sense, an area significantly less affected by the degenerative nature of the condition.”