Keeping food safe over the summer months

As the temperatures rise over the summer months, increased vigilance is required to ensure that bacteria are not allowed to proliferate in areas where food is prepared or in the food itself. The warmer weather provides an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply and food can quickly become dangerous if consumed.

If you run a food outlet or business, it is essential to make sure that any employee who comes into contact with food understands the risks of contamination and how to control them. Providing them with food safety training is an absolute must if you want your business to be blameless.

It is also a good idea to review any food hygiene measures and procedures that are already in place and to undertake a risk assessment in order to establish whether existing procedures are adequate and effective.

If any processes have changed, or if new equipment has been introduced, for example, it is essential to renew a risk assessment to make any changes into account. Get this done before the real summer arrives, and you will be able to enjoy the summer months safe in the knowledge that your customers and reputation are as safe as they ever can be!