Lancaster mum uses first aid training to resuscitate daughter

A woman from Lancaster was able to use her recently acquired first aid training to resuscitate her young daughter after she fell and hit her head whilst playing in the garden.

BBC News Lancashire reports that Sonya Hall’s three-year-old daughter Tilly was playing with her brother last March when she fell over and banged her head. The 33-year-old mother described how Tilly was shaking, had stopped breathing and had gone blue in the face. Luckily, Sonya had recently taken a first aid training course, so she was able to resuscitate her daughter. She described what happened:

“As I was in shock, I immediately went into panic mode but then realised the first aid course I had just completed the day before was still fresh in my mind,”
“I laid her down and I started to give her CPR, mouth-to-mouth and chest compressions.”
“Her body went stiff so I repeated the CPR. She eventually came round and started breathing. I also rang for an ambulance. The paramedics arrived within minutes.”

Unfortunately, this same incident occurred again just weeks later, resulting in Tilly being diagnosed with a medical condition known as a reflex anoxic seizure. However, thanks to her first aid training, Sonya is prepared to give her daughter emergency medical attention should she suffer a sudden seizure.