Landlord criticised by tenants over fire safety failures

The residents of a block of flats in North West London have spoken out to Inside Housing in criticism of their landlord, over accusations that fire safety measures are not being taken.

Brent Housing Partnership (BHP), the owner of Landau House in Kilburn, has been accused of ignoring resident’s requests to install more fire doors in the building. These requests were made following a fire which broke out at the building, as well as a recent assessment by a contractor.

The chair of the tenants and residents association at the building, Sabrina Taylor, who lives on the same floor where the fire broke out, said:

“The fire assessment said that everybody had to have their fire doors looked at more closely,
“I’ve always known that my door was not sufficient and they haven’t done anything about it.
“The general concern with BHP is that they don’t actually do anything; they just send leaflets and do surveys.”

As the manager of the building, BHP has a responsibility to take all reasonable steps to prevent fire and protect residents from harm. The organisation may, however, need a little more fire safety training in order to recognise what improvements need to be made.