Learn how to protect yourself and others with conflict resolution training

As an employee in an organisation which deals with members of the public, it is likely that you will encounter situations in which violence and aggressive behaviour are exhibited. To protect yourself and others whilst at work, you need to know how to properly deal with these situations.

The best way to learn about how to deal with these difficult situations is to undergo a CIEH Level 2 Award in Conflict Resolution and Personal Safety. This kind of health and safety training course, approved by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, will help you, as an employee, to learn about:

  • The work environment
  • The law, in relation to conflict resolution
  • Personal safety and how to protect yourself
  • The best ways in which to resolve confrontational situations

Benefits for organisations
As well as benefiting employees and their personal development, these kinds of health and safety training courses can help to improve the operational effectiveness of organisations.

Simply by improving staff training standards, businesses can protect employees, keep staff turnover levels down, and reduce the costs (i.e. compensation for injury) associated with a conflict that has been poorly handled.