Learning the basics of food safety

You will never be able to progress in a career in a catering or hospitality industry, or indeed any that involves preparing or serving food, unless you are trained in the basics of food safety. In fact, in a lot of businesses and organisations, a basic food hygiene qualification is a crucial entry requirement.
Food safety training is important because it teaches you how to safely prepare, store, cook and serve food to members of the public. It also offers valuable guidance on how to keep the environment you work in clean, hygienic and non-hazardous.
You have a responsibility to ensure that any edible goods you provide are safe to consume and of the very best quality possible, in order to protect public health and uphold the reputation of your company or organisation.
So, what do you need to know in order to start a career in the food industry? On a course such as the CIEH Level 1 Awards in Food Safety, you will get a basic but important introduction to food safety. You will learn about:
– Food safety hazards
– Your responsibilities with regards to food hygiene
– Cleaning
– Avoiding contamination
– Personal hygiene