Learning observation skills to improve reporting in the care sector

As a care worker, it is your duty to be aware of what is going on around you so that you can report problems and issues before they escalate. This is why, along with many other skills and personal characteristics, observation skills are essential for someone wanting to progress in a care sector career.

Observation skills are perfected through practise, but you need to know the basics first. You can start to improve your skills on an observation skills for carers training course, which generally only takes a few hours to complete.

By the time you have completed this kind of care training course, you should have a better understanding of:

  • How we observe and why improving observation skills is important
  • Analysing behaviour and spotting patterns
  • Recording and reporting, and the purpose and use of all reports you will contribute to or access
  • How to ensure accuracy in record-keeping
  • The difference between objective and subjective reporting and record-keeping
  • How to produce readable and well-presented written records that are relevant, concise and to the point
  • The importance of reporting any worries or concerns you may have whilst at work