Learning how to work safely with an IOSH training course

If you want to learn more about health and safety at work in a general sense, an IOSH Working Safely course could be extremely useful to you. These one-day courses offer anyone from any sector the chance to learn about or brush up on their health and safety knowledge. They are specially designed for people without any particular managerial or supervisory responsibility.
IOSH is the Institution of Occupational Health and Safety, the British accrediting organisation for health and safety professionals.

What will I learn?

Within the six-hour course, you will learn about:

– Why health and safety is important in the workplace
– What the individual can do to work safely every day
– What constitutes a hazard or a risk
– Common risks to look out for
– How safety performance can be improved

Some courses also offer an additional module relating to the protection of the environment, which can complement the other main issues covered in the course.

Once you have completed an IOSH Working Safely course and the brief exam that follows it, you should be able to return to the workplace and contribute to the health and safety culture of the company.