Leicester takeaway shut down for shocking food safety offences

A fast food restaurant in Leicester has been shut down by environmental health officers after an inspection revealed cockroach and mice infestations and shockingly unsanitary conditions in food preparation areas.
The Eagle Pan takeaway in Belgrave, Leicestershire, was inspected by members of the council’s Food Safety Team recently. The unsanitary conditions they encountered were severe enough for environmental health officer Alison Cadmore to shut the restaurant down within an hour of the visit. She said:

“I immediately noticed mouse droppings on the floor in the shop – to the side and behind a refrigerator and a photocopier.
“The walls, skirting boards and floor in the pan area were filthy. The pan ingredients were in open bags and dishes.
“The food handlers preparing the pan were not wearing protective clothing and hand washing during preparation was non-existent.”

Due to the blatant breaches of food safety regulations, the appalling conditions at the Eagle Pan restaurant and the fact that none of the staff seemed to have undergone even basic food hygiene training, a judge at the magistrates court has ruled that the takeaway should stay shut down as it is not in a fit state to be serving food to the public.