Lincolnshire butcher fined £2000 for breaching food hygiene rules

A butchers shop in the Lincolnshire village of Woodhall Spa has been fined a total of £2,000 for breaching food hygiene regulations.

Lincolnshire Meats received the fine plus a demand for £500 in costs after environmental health inspectors from East Lindsey District Council found a number of hygiene issues at the shop.

These reportedly included failing to properly disinfect knives used on cooked meat products, offering certain products that were past their use-by date for sale and failing to keep hot food, such as spit-roast chicken, at an adequate temperature. Inspectors also found that four raw chickens past their use-by date were kept in the shop, although they were not for sale.

Mike Harrison, from the District Council, said:

“The offences seen would have contributed to a significantly increased food safety risk. Equipment that comes into direct contact with food was not being effectively cleaned, increasing the possible spread of harmful bacteria, such as E.coli O157.”

Whilst shop owner Roger Papworth disputes in the Lincolnshire Echo that the offences were the fault of his staff rather than himself, he remains liable for the risk to the public they posed. As a business owner, Mr Papworth was responsible for ensuring that both he and his staff undergo the appropriate food hygiene training.