Littleport care home loses residents after failing to improve standards

A care home in Littleport was visited last month by inspectors from the Care Quality Commission, who found that the home was failing its residents through a lack of adequate care training for its employees, as well as providing unsatisfactory care plans for its residents.

Unfortunately, it would seem that a month after the original inspection, standards have still not reached an acceptable level, and the home is now facing the reality of sanctions. Cambridgeshire County Council and NHS Cambridgeshire have now decided, along with other authorities, to withdraw their funding and their residents from the home.

While it was thought initially that only those residents requiring a high level of care were being moved, it would now appear that many more residents are being affected. While the move may have a drastic impact on the lives of those who are being moved, it may have had the desired effect on the home itself.

A spokesperson for the care home operator announced their commitment to quality care, as well as the appointment of a new manager. Unfortunately, many former residents will already be suffering from the disruption to their lives and care.