Man urges others to undergo first aid training after helping in emergency

A man from the Derbyshire town of Belper is urging others to undergo first aid training after he was able to use his skills to help a woman give birth in the street.
Vernon Harper, a trained first-aider, rushed to the aid of 44-year-old Jane Eadie when she went into labour on King Street in town. Ms Eadie reportedly did not even know she was pregnant, so the onset of labour was entirely unexpected.
Mr Harper was able to look after the mother and her new baby boy, who was named James Terrance, until ambulance crews arrived. He described what happened:

“When I got out there, the baby had been born. I checked that the baby was okay and then turned my attention to the mum and made sure an ambulance was on its way.
“The mum had been confused and in shock, so I kept reassuring her and checking how long the ambulance was going to be. I was concerned that the mother was still bleeding but they told me not to worry about that. When the paramedics arrived I told them who I was and handed over to them.”