Maternity hospital hygiene causes concern

Health inspectors have raised alarm at the standard of hygiene at a maternity hospital where approximately 100 babies are born each year.

A damning report was published on Tuesday 29th October highlighting a number of problems with the Aberdeen Maternity Hospital following three inspections. The inspectors first visited on 21st August before being alarmed enough to come back two weeks later. A third visit was then required and the issues were still not resolved.

The problems include high amounts of dust and contamination in parts of the hospital as well as bodily fluids found on walls and bloodstains on equipment. It was also revealed that breast milk was stored incorrectly and that equipment was damaged and consequently could not be properly cleaned.

Concern was also expressed over the standard of the laundry service and Grampian health board Chief Executive Richard Carey said: “We are absolutely determined that standards of cleanliness are maintained at all times.”

Carey also added that the opening theatre of the hospital was not fit for purpose and the hospital itself was so old that it was in need of replacing. He stated that a new facility had been commissioned but did at least commend the maternity hospital’s dress code, staff hand hygiene and low rate of infection from caesarean sections.