Mum backs paediatric first aid training after daughter nearly chokes

A woman from the Nottinghamshire village of Rainworth is urging parents to take paediatric first aid training after her daughter nearly choked on a lolly and she didn’t know how to save her.

44 year old Siobhan Fullwood, a mother of two, told local newspaper the Nottingham Post that when her daughter Grace started to choke on a lollipop that had come off its stick and lodged in her throat, all she could do was panic. She said the little girl, who was five at the time, started to gasp for breath, and her mother was left not knowing what to do. Eventually, the terrified parent managed to clear the obstruction and save her daughter, who has made a full recovery.

Since the incident, Siobhan has taken first aid training so that she will know how to help her children in the case of a life-threatening situation in the future. She is urging other parents to do the same, saying:

“Now I have had the training I know exactly what to do if I was faced with this situation, or any other medical emergency, in the future.
“I would recommend to all parents to learn first aid – it really is an essential and simple skill that everyone should have and it can help save lives.”