National First Aid competition for school children

St. Johns Ambulance has launched its annual national first aid competition with the aim of raising awareness of the skills needed to administer effective first aid in an emergency. The competition is designed to encourage school children to learn about first aid and equip them with the confidence needed for intervention.

First aid can often make a huge impact on those who have been taken ill or sustained an injury and can make the difference between full recovery and irreparable damage. The competition aimed at schools and children has a very positive response and is an example to the rest of society.

Employers and businesses have a responsibility to ensure that their employees have access to a member of staff who has received and successfully completed adequate and appropriate first aid training, as well as access to first aid facilities.

This simple measure can easily be overlooked, with not enough attention paid to ensuring that workers are aware of the measures in place and how to find prompt help in the event of an emergency.

This competition aimed at kids should also make the rest of us evaluate the first aid provisions available in our own places of work and ensure that as adults, we have the necessary skills and confidence too.