National support programme for care managers launches

A new support programme has been launched in England to help managers of adult care homes to develop leadership skills, as well as to establish local and national networks of support for care managers who feel “professionally isolated”.

The programme has been designed by the National Skills Academy for Social Care and builds the academy’s leadership framework, which laid out for the very first time the behaviours and qualities needed to become a successful leader in the care sector.

As part of the new initiative, care managers of adult care homes in England will be given the chance to join networks in which they can discuss common issues and share ideas about best practice.

Care managers will also be offered guidance, advice and information in relation to specific issues covered in care training courses, such as dementia and adult safeguarding. They will be given their own dedicated space on the National Skills Academy for Social Care’s website, as well as access to a phone line offering specialist advice on everything from minor day-to-day issues to HR and legal issues. Last of all, the support programme is planning to put on a number of special events and workshops for care managers.