Nearly half of one wedding’s guests fall ill to food poisoning

Hosting a couple’s wedding celebration is a huge responsibility for any food business; the newlyweds will more often than not have saved for years in order to make this the most memorable day of their lives.

Emotions will be running high and guests will expect food that they can eat without fear of falling ill.

For one couple, however, this scenario didn’t materialise as the Hotel hosting their wedding served chicken liver pate that had been cooked at a temperature too low to kill potentially dangerous bacteria. As a result, forty-nine guests and the couple themselves fell ill after the party, ruining the honeymoon and leaving some people feeling seriously poorly.

The hotel was subsequently prosecuted when it was found that staff had failed to follow the hotel’s own procedures, but it was too late for this couple who spent most of their dream honeymoon to Las Vegas unable to either eat or drink.

It just goes to show the importance of monitoring any processes put into place to prevent this kind of outbreak. Despite the repeated advice of the Food Standards Agency about the dangers of undercooking meat, particularly poultry, cases still seem to be popping up when they could so easily be prevented.