Who needs to undergo anaphylaxis first aid training?

Anaphylaxis first aid training is now available along with other first aid courses, and it can be hugely beneficial and potentially lifesaving for people working in certain situations.

As you may know, anaphylaxis is simply a term for a severe allergic reaction. Training for anaphylaxis teaches you how to deal with such an allergic reaction in adults and children, covering topics such as resuscitation, how to use an auto-injector, communication and casualty care and what to do with an unconscious casualty.

Many adults tend to be aware of things they are allergic to (i.e. shellfish, peanuts etc.) and know to avoid them. However, some people are unaware that they are allergic to certain things. This is when it would be extremely useful to have someone trained in anaphylaxis first aid close by, which is why every workplace should have a trained first aider with knowledge of dealing with anaphylaxis.

Children, meanwhile, are most likely to suffer from anaphylaxis. This is why teachers and teacher’s assistants in primary schools and high schools, nursery staff, babysitters, after school club workers, people working in children’s care environments and hospital workers on paediatric wards should all undergo anaphylaxis first aid training.